David Grubb Construction  

Green Building Awards

Green Building Award, first place, NARI, Hillcrest Residence,  2007

Green Building Award, first place, NARI, Benevenue Residence, 2005

Project featured in Build It Green Home Tour, 2005

Alameda County Waste Management Green Building Award, 2004

Industry Awards

Contractor of the Year, Regional Winner for Historical Renovation, NARI 2006

Grand prize of overall excellence, NARI, 2005

First Prize, Green Building, NARI, 2005

Warren Camp Award, NARI 2004

President’s Award, NARI 2003

Bathroom over $60K, NARI, 2003

Professionalism Award, NARI 2003

Community Service, NARI 2002

Merit award, Kitchen remodel $30 -60K, NARI, 2002

Merit award, Interior remodel, 1999

Articles published in Journal of Light Construction:

February 2006

October 2005

December 2004 

July 2004